Jun 8, 2017

Look who decided to show up.

Where do you begin a blog post when you haven't blogged in almost 6 months? And before that the posts were sporadic at best...

Do you just start typing? Do you make apologies? Do you tell a tall tale of the amazing adventures you've been on that kept you away? Do you just word vomit and hope for the best?

Let's try a combo of apology, word vomit, and a photo update. 

So. Since my last real update was our trip to Chicago let's start say, November of last year? Well that just a comical statement...

November 2016: Wiseacre, Running, OrangeTheory, more Wiseacre. 

Wiseacre with Gracie, Paddler, and Lizzie

"the babe"

Running all the way to Arkansas

Gracie and Lizzie


Probably not November...

First OT experience

December 2016: The annual work Christmas party, my ice princess got married, paddler needed a sweater, Delta was welcomed into the family, Christmas, and I got to see one of my best friends for NYE. 

Christmas party...

slightly fuzzier version of the Christmas party...

Ice Princess

Doodle in a sweater


Panic grin for making a large unintentional purchase...

early morning flights

best friend!

three best friends that anyone could have

January 2017: Tacos, Paddler, Drive-Thru Funeral Homes, and Charley's sayonara got postponed. 


unamused doodle

drive-thru funeral home...

snow and stupid VW

February 2017: Casually twinning at work, Garth Brooks, Bleu Cheese and Beers, Los Angeles, James Franco, new tattoos, more Paddler, and Grizz game. 


Garth Brooks

Ruff day

Bleus and Brews or Chocolate and Brews?

post run

after our Make-A-Wish drunk bidding.

again, very ruff life

Sony studios

accepting all my awards.

found an ocean


post tattoo libations

very important guests


Grit 'n Grind

March 2017: Wedding shower, No more selfies, Last minute house guest, Charley's official sayonara, avocado toast, St. Party's Day, a beautiful wedding, the babe reading the funnies, and of course, Paddler.

Wedding shower

selfies are hard

playing air bnb hosts

Goodbye Charley


Really embracing that bed. 

St. Party's Day

JNo's wedding

"the babe"


April 2017: a week with the babe, Paddler, Easter at the beach, blurry car rides at the beach, Tom Petty, a very sweaty and hilly 1/2 marathon, and rappelling off a building. (pictures in no particular order) 

"the babe"

Paddler exhausted from watching "the babe"

Easter fishing

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa

Casually constructed a dolphin

Easter fishing again

Rappelling for Orphanos

Blurry beach rides

New friends after the Nashville 1/2

Fluff doodle

Wing Fest

Tom Petty jig

Sweaty, hilly 1/2

Best house host ever in Nashville

May 2017: Another beach, San Diego, a beautiful wedding, #ThirstyThursday, Dragon Boat races, BBQ Fest, Birthday dinners, and Memorial Day.


San Diego running tour

Sweaty selfies 
beautiful bride and handsome groom

see ya later San Diego

headed to my Denver stopover


again, selfies are hard. 

tha gurls

dragon boats

"the babe"

BBQ fest.

sunset the last night of BBQ fest

the dood

Lee's birthday

stay weird Pad, stay weird

Memorial Day

If you made it to the end of this you are a trooper. I almost gave up in March but I powered through. Maybe I'll remember to post more often. Maybe...