Nov 4, 2016

Hey Chicago!

What you say? The Cubs are gonna win today!

And win they did. They got down early in the series, made a comeback, tied up the series, played strong in Cleveland and brought home the trophy and the glory.

108 years. 108. That is a crazy amount of time to wait.

But they did it. And I watched every single game.

2 in Memphis, 3 in Chicago, and the final 2 in Memphis.

The 3 in Chicago was a spur of the moment decision. Sunday we were doing our long run and I joked that we should go to Chicago. Over brunch we had three plane tickets purchased and were headed to Chicago.

That entire weekend was a blur. A blur of laughs, beers, pizza, heartbreak, high-fives, and wandering.

It was the greatest spur of the moment decision ever. Zero regrets. Especially since the Cubs pulled it out in the 10th inning of the 7th game.

108 years. They waited long enough. A century and almost a decade.

Harry Caray is definitely smiling down with his green apples.