Sep 2, 2016

Walking In Memphis

The day of the party, I woke up bright and early to go for a run with some of my favorite people. My other favorite people were still snug as bugs in a rug in their respective beds at my house.

7 miles to start the Saturday. We laughed, we sweated out some alcohol, and we laid in the driveway. Perfect start to a birthday party filled weekend.

After using the dog as an alarm clock on my friends, I made them some breakfast. Over a stellar breakfast straight from Cravings by the one and only Chrissy Teigen, we started the discussions of what to do and what to see. The possibilities were endless:

The Zoo
The Peabody Ducks
Beale Street
Bass Pro Shop

So. Many. Options.

We decided on a drive by viewing of Graceland with a stop at the souvenir shops, BBQ, Bass Pro, and a brewery. After paying homage to The King and questioning what life would be like if he was still alive and also who in our lifetime would be equivalent of Elvis, we made our way downtown to Bass Pro.

Now I know what you are thinking. A Bass Pro Shop. Really? Hear me out. Our Bass Pro is pretty awesome. They bought the pyramid downtown and have pretty stellar views of the river and of Memphis. You travel up a 28 story free standing elevator. It is the tallest, freestanding elevator in America. It's pretty cool. There is a restaurant and bar at the top that is surrounded by these neat metal fish. And the view are alright...

Since apparently my friends are mutants and don't actually get hungry - very unlike me - we opted out of BBQ and headed to the brewery. We went to Wiseacre. This is my favorite Memphis brewery. I am there every single Friday. Well there is a rare Friday that I am not there. I also own an obscene amount of paraphernalia from there...It's fine. No shame in my game. Two beers later it was time to boogie home and get in party mode.

Party mode meant for me that I was changing out of one pair of denim shorts into a different pair of denim shorts and exchanging one white tank top for another.

All of my favorite people were gathered in my parents house and it was amazing. The whole night felt like it went by way too fast and was a total blur of laughter, pictures, cheersing, singing, dancing, and a little bit of flip cup. It was everything I ever wanted and then some. So grateful.