Jan 20, 2016

Sand Cloud

I follow a ridiculous amount of Instagram accounts that include the following:

Handmade Jewelry

Do you see a theme? Seriously, it's obnoxious but I love being flooded with so many beautiful scenes when I open the app. It does not help with the serious case of wanderlust I always have but it does help with the serious case of concrete jungle boxing in that I experience on the daily.

That being said there is a company called Sand Cloud and they make these really cool beach friendly towels that have pockets in them to hold all your secrets belongings when at the beach, lake, parking lot, picnic area, wherever you may be.

As I was scrolling one day I happened to notice that they had a picture up about following the link in their profile to apply to become an ambassador. Yes please.

I followed the link and sent everything away without another thought. The next thing I know I have received an email from them saying that I have been selected to be an ambassador. HOLY SURPRISE BATMAN!

I've never been an ambassador for anything but I thought it was a pretty cool opportunity. And who doesn't like a company that donates 10% of all their sales to marine life? People who kick puppies, that's who.

Without further ado here is all the information.

Sand Cloud

If you want to save 25% use the code "dorothy25" <- who doesn't love saving some cashola?

I used mine as a scarf because it is like woah cold outside and I currently do not have the pleasure of living near an ocean to enjoy this towel. But soon, I'll break it in properly.

Go forth and save the marine life. #diditforthetowel