Jan 4, 2016

Cell Phone Dependency.

I went off the grid for a little while and it was fabulous.

It wasn't exactly self imposed, it was more of a my phone screen stopped responding to touch and I didn't see the merit in replacing the screen or upgrading my phone.

So I went without a phone for just about 2 weeks. You can learn a lot in any amount of time that you don't have a phone.

1. You will constantly torture yourself by pushing the buttons on the phone and then remembering that you can't open anything.

2. People will still text you even though you don't have a way to respond and then you have to email them as to not look like an asshat.

3. Life goes on.

Seriously life goes on. I didn't have a cell phone until I was almost 16. Before that it was fine. I didn't need a phone. I still don't need a phone. A phone is literally just a convenience luxury. That is it.

When I was in Guatemala I learned to live without my phone. I used it to take pictures and if I had access to wifi I would text my parents updates and post random pictures to Instagram.

I finally got a new phone and it is shiny and fancy and has sucked me back into the vortex of the technology. I sort of hate myself for letting it happen, but here I sit with my new phone and my iPad within reaching distance...

Saying all of this means absolutely nothing except, that to me, it seems sad that I have come to be so reliant on a piece of technology that I literally never used to have access too and got a long just fine.

2016 I have a few resolutions and not being so reliant on my phone is a big one.

Cheers to being more aware, in touch, and less self absorbed by a tiny glowing screen of nothing.