Oct 12, 2015


There are certain times when you are out and about with a cocktail in hand, and your best friend calls and asks if you will come visit for her 30th birthday.


You met said best friend in Nicaragua a solid two years prior and have yet to see her since. She hated you at first glance and then you wormed your way into her heart and there you have stayed.

Naturally you agree and then get all giddy and happy and jumpy and smiley and continue to drink some more cocktails and you wake up with a flight confirmation for 4th of July weekend to party with your best friend.

I waited on baited breath to finally see my fellow dirtbag world traveler and smother her for an entire weekend.

FINALLY the weekend arrived. And the 6am flight was boarded. #worthit

The journey from JFK to Long Beach was a bit stressful. And by that I mean NY has got some serious traffic congestion issues. Especially when your cab gets in a wreck on the way to the birthday party. That was like the most fun situation I have ever been in. Especially when he tried to make me pay the whole bill. Yea. No...

Hugs and tears and some more hugs later we were finally reunited for a weekend of beaching and general debauchery.

One of my favorite moments was seeing two of our friends from Nicaragua that Kristen didn't believe were actually coming.


A day filled with surfing and drinking and fireworks watching. It was a weekend that I will never forget. My soul smiled bigger than my face the whole weekend.

When the birthday girl is born the day before the 4th of July everything is themed around USA paraphrenalia.

Spending the weekend bouncing from the beach, to house parties, and bars was incredibly fun. Many more memories were made.

What? You don't go in a bar and make pretend phone calls to very important people? You clearly are doing life wrong.

It was also an amazing experience to meet so many humble and inviting people. Listen to their stories. See a town that Hurricane Sandy tried to wipe away and view the people who put in the sweat, tears, and love to rebuild their little piece of New York. If you ever get a chance to see Long Beach, I highly recommend it. The people, the places, the faces, the everything will seep into your veins and make you feel home.

Besides they have lifeguard stands. Who doesn't love giant lifeguard stands?

The plane ride home was uneventful and sad because I didn't want to leave. It wasn't goodbye but a see you later.

Bay, your birthday was amazing and I am so glad to have met you and am eternally grateful for you to be a part of my life. Even if your drink is terrible.