Oct 8, 2015

a nice day for a white wedding.

Or one that started with a hell of a storm.

But let's reverse that party train right on back and talk about this wedding weekend.

My cousin was getting married and so kindly invited us to attend her beach wedding.

You had me at beach.

I knew this weekend would be very bittersweet for me, but I tried to put on a brave face and not be terribly grump the whole time. (I may not have been successful and for that I apologize).

Setting: Fort Morgan, Alabama

Background: I have been to FM a couple of times and they were all magical. But they all hold a special place in my heart and not a place I was ready to open my heart back up to just yet. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it (and drink all the beer).

People: A crapton of family and a baby that has never seen the ocean. I was all too excited to get that baby to touch the sand and the ocean and understand it's magical powers.

How I Coped: Beer, Running, Reflecting, Tears by the ocean, and did I mention beer?

That last part is neither here nor there. We were there to party and celebrate an amazing person and her journey to becoming a married woman.

Fort Morgan is a quaint little strip of beach. And I mean quaint. You are 20 miles from town and there are I think 3 restaurants on that strip of beachway? It's my idea of heaven.

There are two ways to get to FM. You can come from the west and take a ferry from Dauphin Island or you can go around FM and cut back down and drive the one road into FM. Either way, once you are there you realize just how remote of a spot you are in.

The beaches are clean (for the most part) but there is no beach service; you just head out to the beach and set up shop. It is a self service beach. But it is a beach. And there are waves and shells and an ocean. All the things I really need. The one drawback is the oil rigs you can see in the distance.

Back to this wedding. We had been recruited to help set up for the wedding. Luckily the wedding house was about a ten minute walk from our house. With tables set, centerpieces built, coolers filled, and a tent pitched we made our way back home to have a few refreshments and take showers.

That's about the time that trouble hit. The wind shifted, the sky turned black, and the rain came. About an hour before the wedding. And then the biggest problem: the power went out.

Luckily the bride was very chill about the whole thing, but all that work we had done? Ruined. The tent crew had to come back out and re-setup and the centerpieces had to be redone.

the bride.
 By the miracle of all miracles the power came back on and the storm passed through all about 30 minutes before the wedding was set to start.

The wedding was beautiful and the sunset was to die for. A successful weekend by and large. Definitely a bittersweet one, but it was nice to make some new memories in a place that holds a special meaning for me.