May 18, 2015


Drunken pacts have gotten me into some funny situations.

Friday morning was no exception.

But let's first reverse this train back to Thursday night. MC and I had been day drinking which turned into Happy Hour drinking in the hotel lobby. If that's not a terrible rap song I don't know what is.

MC started talking politics to this nice lady and I started talking lumber, beer, and diesel engines with her boyfriend. Because those are things I know about. Politics, not so much.

They turned out to be really nice and super fun and as the Happy Hour progressed MC and I told them how we ended up in Hawai'i. This led to the conversation of making drunk pacts. We told  them how we were super devastated that we didn't get to Australia, but that while we were out one night in San Diego we made the pact that we would figure out when and how to get there and sealed it all with a cheers. (sensing a theme here yet....)

Naturally because it is an amazing idea they told us about scuba diving and then we booked a scuba excursion right then an there. Scuba diving led us to talking about jumping out of airplanes which then escalated into reserving a jump for the next morning on the North Shore. All sealed with a cheers of course.

We went our separate ways for dinner, met up in a bar later, talked nervously about how this was great idea, and got asked some super uncomfortable questions. Like super uncomfortable.

Bright and early the next morning we jumped in a VW bug with basically complete strangers and set out to hurtle ourselves out of an airplane. I had my reservations but I was more excited than nervous. Once we got to the place the jitters really started. The weather was overcast, the building was little more than a shack, and then we watched the dreaded video about what to do and not do when jumping out of airplane.

Then the reservations about what we were about to do starting rolling in. First they had a plane to catch (a real live jet plane), he had a bum knee, the sky was overcast, and then the two death knells (quite literally).


Just take a gander at the photo that comes up when you google the company. 


Thus we thought maybe we should just get some breakfast and then go see Pipeline and hang out on the North Shore for a little while.

That was a much much much better idea.

MC and I did decide that maybe when we actually get to Australia we should go skydiving there....

The Volcom Pipeline Pro was going on while we were in Hawai'i but that Friday the waves weren't firing so it was put on hold until the next day. That was kind of a bummer, but still pretty awesome to go and see.

Then we just sat and watched the water for a while. Absolutely amazing.

The drive back into Honolulu was equally awesome. Island countryside is pretty spectacular.