May 9, 2015

San Diego

about that public transportation to find that train station...

it's not an easy task to navigate the city of LA on their version of MARTA.

but we made it to the train station alive. barely.

we witnessed two women have a physical brawl as we were getting off at the train station.

and then while waiting for our delayed train...i witnessed two more women (elderly women...) fighting in the bathroom.

LA you need to calm down. just woosahh.

but we finally boarded the train on the way to San Diego to see my friend Jenna. she was kind enough to let us crash at her place in Ocean Beach even though she and her boyfriend both had to be up super early, and we were getting in super late.

i owe her big time. like big time.

after a fairly uneventful train ride full of playing go fish, we took uber to Jenna's and crashed. and i mean crashed.

the next morning we woke up (i woke up because i am that obnoxious person up at some stupid hour) and went out in search of real food.

Jenna recommended Shade's and it did not disappoint. finally full of food (and maybe a mimosa) we trudged back to her apartment to get ready for the day.

one of MC and I's mutual friends from college also lives in SD and told us to come out to day drink with him.

being good southern girls that we are, we jumped in another uber and motored on over to the PB Shore Club. things progressed quickly as the beers are large and cold and the view is killer.

vaughn showed us a good time. to say the least....

his friends live in really terrible places with no view.

gina met up with us in SD and we went out in search of Jenna and her friends to see where the night took us.

just being our usual weird selves and eating the greatest ice cream ever. (sorry jenna that i got no pictures with you! epic fail on my part).

the night started so promising with ice cream and then whiskey got involved and things got silly fast. we drank like we were in college, danced like we were in college, and passed out like we are old. but we had an awesome time and made so many fun memories that we laughed about the next day while trying to pretend we weren't hungover.

we did stay in a baller hotel though.

MC went to breakfast with her family and Gina and I set out on what I like to call the shaky Sunday beach bike ride. we rented beach cruisers at the hotel and tried not die while remembering how to ride a bike. in traffic.

after that death defying exeperience we set out for lunch and ate at the University of San Diego campus. I clearly picked the wrong place to go to school.

once back in LA we hit up the Santa Monica Boardwalk to ride the ferris wheel. I love ferris wheels, so to say i was stoked is an understatement.

we wrapped up the night at a wine bar and a sketchy AirBnB rental. definitely worth it for how racists the iPhone is.

stay weird LA

MC and I are history majors and we thought that making the most of our California adventure meant going to the Price is Right.

Oh wait that has nothing to do with history. we decided to prove why we weren't geography majors and head to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon....