May 26, 2015

I'm sailing away...

I've set an open course for the virgin sea.

By that I mean after a night on the town, a morning at the beach, and lunch at (you guessed it) Duke's, MC and I were off to set sail with the BIL and friends.

Now few people know this about me, but I read an article one time where this couple bought a sailboat and just set out to the open sea and sailed to wherever their hearts desired. Something about that article has stuck in my mind ever since and I can't shake the thought that maybe one day taking a boat and just seeing the world. Ideally it would be big enough for a motorcycle and you could dock the boat, and go explore towns not on the seaside (or on the seaside). The logistics escape me, but the idea is definitely there.

Back to the Saturday sailboat adventure. We drove out to the east side of the island armed with coconut water, beer, and chips. Perfect sailing food.

4 guys, 2 girls, a boat, and 24 beers. What could possibly go wrong?

For starters the east side of the island isn't very windy in the winter, but that's okay. Out we went to the sandbar to anchor in and play in the water.

I saw a giant manta ray (sting ray?) while we were anchoring in. And by that I mean MC was in the water digging us in. We all saw the marine life and I made the executive decision to tell MC about that later. Seeing as how she did so well with the birds at the restaurant and the guys were talking about how there are sharks at the sandbar, I thought it best to leave her out of the loop on that one.

The fun thing about traveling semi solo is that you get to meet all sorts of interesting people and hear all sorts of hilarious stories that you think might be tales to pull your leg, but the more they talk and the more beers get drunk the more fun you realize you are having and you could care less about whether the stories are true or not.

The boys were so welcoming and so protective of us while we were out sailing. It reminds you that you can meet people and make a connection in as little as five minutes.

After the beer was consumed, teeth were chattering, and the rains rolled in we made our way back to the harbor to pack it in for the night and figure out what we were going to eat for dinner.

Oh and also take some killer photos at the dock because I wasn't about to take any photos on the sailboat because all I had was my phone and I just didn't feel stable enough in my sea legs to not drop that puppy into the Pacific.

I took a serious power nap once we got back to the hotel and woke up to MC telling me it was time to walk to dinner. Korean BBQ to be exact.

Before we got our table for dinner we walked next door to this dive music bar. A band was about to start and we all loaded up with some beer and stood around to watch the show. And the show was amazing, but the people watching was spectacular. It was a serious hodgepodge of people. Old men wearing 80s rock gear, hipsters, hard core rockers, and just about everything in between. That was definitely worth the price of beer.

Our waiter was amazing. I'm obnoxious to try and share food with because I don't eat red meat and Korean BBQ is a bit centered around the cow....But everyone was happy to oblige and eat some pork, red meat, and some killer veggies.

The music was an eclectic mix of rock and new wave pop music. You could write on the walls and it was traditional Korean BBQ. There was a hibachi grill in the middle of our table, veggies along the side, eggs, and rice. Build you own rice bowls. The waiter cooks the meat for you in the middle and you munch along to all the add ons surrounding you.

So. Much. Fun. We signed the wall and set out for some more adventures.

The tagline does not lie. It was the best.

There are no pictures from the night, but we wobbled with the locals at a mall bar, created a new version of the Weekend at Bernie's dance (there is a video somewhere), took an uber in a throwback Lincoln Towncar, went to the bar by the hotel and got hit on by some weirdos before we danced the night away and went to sit on the beach and watch the ocean and the stars.

Okay, fine, you caught me, I lied about the pictures. MC may have some and she sent me one. And it was the Australian Ron Jeremy hitting on me. He was relentless. The BIL had to intervene. It was awkward.

We were at a round table and he managed to box me out from everyone and he would not leave...

Around 0430 the BIL bailed and MC and I talked life and strolled home in the dwindling nightlife in Honolulu.