May 17, 2015


Sealed with a cheers and some baller seats we were headed off to Honolulu.

Our flight may have been delayed but we were excited to go play ultimate tourists in Hawai'i. We thought about island hopping and made plans to do to it. And by made plans we did some research and that was it.

After our late arrival we were a little tired and haggard from flying and traveling non stop for the past 5 naturally we crashed immediately after we got in our hotel room. Even though the guy that rode the elevator with us said that our room would be loud and good luck getting to sleep. #rude

We managed and I woke up silly early again because hellllo it's the beach. We ate some lackluster breakfast and then set out to the beach even if the skies were overcast and MC insisted the beach was one direction when in fact that was the canal and we had to turn around.

But when we turned around we decided to buy some beer and fireball. And a cooler. All these things seemed like a great idea at the time. The beer was clutch, right up until I had to pee and got to experience on the finer things in Hawai'i known as public beach bathrooms. They have stalls but no doors. That was exciting. Makes you pee really quickly.

Because MC knows people everywhere (ahem Gina in LA) we made a new friend while in Honolulu. He is the brother in law of one of the girls MC worked with. If that's not a Ferris Bueller reference I don't know what is.

voodoo economics. 
After a little Facebook stalking and a text later MC and I waiting on baited breathe for our response from the mysterious BIL. We didn't really. Only kinda. But mostly we just drank our beer and watched the ocean. We became voraciously hungry and wanted tropical drinks and set out in search of a way to cure those problems. Enter the restaurant where we ate way too many times.


Duke's is totally a chain but without the chain vibe and they are located directly on the water and serve hilarious drinks and flights of beer. The one downfall was there are a lot of birds that hang around and MC hates birds. So it was more a problem for her and a hilarious calamity for me.

 that night we made friends in at the happy hour at our hotel bar and we decided to meet up after dinner and then somehow (because when you make pacts when your drunk you must follow through) we all decided that in the morning we should all go skydiving....