May 8, 2015

California...knows how to party...

when one of your best friends calls you and asks if you want to go to australia what is the logical answer?

yes. the answer is always yes. logical or illogical the answer is always yes.

the answer is always yes for me because i can't resist the opportunity to travel and or be peter pan for just a little bit longer.

because said best friend has her own best friend that offers you a buddy pass you for sure say yes.

when flying on delta there is only one way to get to australia. that is via LAX.

also when your best friend lives in boston you are forced to wait in the LAX airport for like a gazillion hours for them to get there. (that's an exaggeration on so many levels, but i did wait for her to get to LA for like 4 hours).

the other thing about flying delta is that there is one flight a day to australia. at 1030pm.

when you fly on a buddy pass you are at the mercy of the other passengers to not show up for their flight. needless to say our day one wait did not end in boarding a plane and heading to australia. which was not the end of the world.

we stayed at a stellar airport hotel and then played tourist the next day waiting to get to australia.

we took one of those bus tours of LA. and let me tell you. we learned so many facts about LA. the majority of which i think are probably ::definitely:: false. but it was a fun day and we saw a lot and now have a ton of inside jokes...

walking to breakfast. ya know next to the airport...

the canals we drove over in an E350 church van. :breaking the law, breaking the law:

venice beach.

hellllllllooo lover.

i have an amazing knack for finding the nearest ocean

chinese theatre

see that white blob back there on the mountain? yea that says HOLLYWOOD
now we were not lucky enough to make the flight the next day either. so we made the best of a bad situation and decided to meet up with one of MC's friends (have her play hookie on a friday) and then take the train down to San Diego to see one of my best friends ever.

i must say LA has some killer sunsets.