Mar 9, 2015

El Salvador

A day late. A dollar short. (ohk. ohk. 3 months and too many dollars to count short)

Here we go....

Guatemala has some beautiful beaches but I decided to travel a bit further south and see what El Salvador is all about.

I am hear to tell you it was one of the most amazing places I have ever been.

I went to Tunco beach and it did not disappoint.

The journey from Antigua to Tunco took bloody forever, involved walking across a border, and playing chicken with semis, but once you get to the winding road that overlooks the ocean, you quickly forget about all that.

First mission in El Salvador - food.

After getting in the van at 8am and not arriving until almost 3pm I was bordering on murder hungry.

I made some friends on the bus and we set out for the beach and beers.

This is what we were greeted with.

And the view from the restaurant.

One of the greatest parts about being in El Salvador was that the US dollar is the currency they use. No need to convert anything. But the real greatest part is that everything there costs under $10.

The night got super blurry quickly as beer started flowing, drinking games began, and flip cup started. I will say that I play a mean flip cup and I managed to win single handedly. ::golf clap::

Sunday morning started bright and early with a smoothie (necessary - I don't know who I think I am fooling when I play flip cup, I KNOW it always ends in a hangover) and a breakfast burrito. Nothing like juevos y aguacate to soothe all those ails.

And then the rest of the day was spent at the beach. Frolicking in the ocean, running into rocks in the ocean, and generally being a dirtbag beachbum.

My. Perfect. Day.

It was the best way to spend my last weekend in Guatemala.

Bottom line: get your butt to El Salvador.

On the drive back, I saw a couple driving a BMW motorcycle and all I could think was that it would be amazing to get a bike in Guatemala and just drive south. How cool would that be?