Mar 24, 2014

Atlanta Botanical Garden

with this past weekend being the first official weekend of spring, my mom came in town and we got to exploring.

atlanta has some really amazing things to offer if you stop and look around.

one of them is the Botanical Gardens. i have never been and i know they put on a spectacular christmas show, and if you can do christmas right then you can do no wrong in my eyes.

with knowledge of some beautiful sights to behold, a weather forecast of 70 degrees, and tummies full of bagels, mom and i set out see what we could see.

we had a grand time following behind this older couple who every single time we passed some of the dandelions one of the women would profoundly exclaim, "Tulips!"
uhm. no. hilarious, but no. there were actual tulips.
come May a lot more of the gardens will be blooming and they will have 28 living sculptures. the first one we stumbled upon was the goddess of the earth.
sadly not everything was in bloom, but we did see some beautiful flowers and roamed around the orchid house looking at flowers and wildlife. i could have stayed in there all day.

after some refueling of pretzels and water, we commenced our search on the name of this flower.
after exhaustively searching google, we finally texted my aunt and asked her the name. within minutes we were greeted with it's name: Guzmania

not only were the flowers beautiful, there are some amazing glass pieces that are quite breathtaking.

it was a beautiful day to be outside and wander around. we went early and avoided most of the crowds. i recommend going early so you can see everything you want without feeling rushed. i personally can't wait to go back when the flowers are more in bloom.

two of my favorites were these peppermint looking flowers.

in short, get your tails over to the botanical gardens. you won't be disappointed.