Sep 23, 2013

road trip essentials

i am on the road a lot. a ton really.

my commute to work is about 2 hours. 91 miles. one way. i luck out in that i don't have to make the drive everyday, but it still a haul nonetheless.

i love taking a good road trip. i find them fun and soothing.

that may be because i grew up going to a beach that was 9 hours away from my house. you learn to embrace the car ride.

now because i have spent a good portion of the last few years of my life driving trucks, trucks and trailers, my car, u-hauls, and my dad's car around the southern half of the US, i have made a sort of strategy for road trips.


if you can, take a friend. the car party is worth it alone. and they make the middle of the trip - ya know the butt asleep boring part - way more fun.

 even if she sulks and isn't much of a talker......ahem praia. geez. 


i can't make this point enough. snacks will save you from yourself. i am a fan of peanut butter crackers and water. enough water to float your back teeth. but if you ride with me be wary because i hate HATE stopping on road trips.

alternatives: sandwiches, macarons <-- that one, and cheetos are always acceptable, messy but acceptable.

perhaps even a giant rocket fuel sized diet coke. just stay away from me if i've had one. it's not pretty.

and if you really must, i do approve of obnoxiously flavored coffee from the 'bucksdevil.

i take my coffee in baby sizes. seriously.
take whatever snacks you want, but make sure they are small, portable, and easily accessible. i have been known to put mine in the


as i mentioned in point one of taking a friend for epic jam sessions, you need the jams for said sessions.

i personally like terrible 90s music and anything a white girl can car dance along with. girl talk, white girl rap songs, old school rap. ya know the usual. but don't you dare put country on in my car. ever. seriously.

i am a big fan of the big tymers pandora station at any given time of the day, so you best believe it is amazing in the car. and if you are really lucky, we can listen to this on repeat for a little while.

whatever music is your music, break out your best and most embarrassing jams and own 'em. have the time of your life.


drive to beach at every waking moment of your life that you can spare. no that's not really number four, but is usually what is going through my mind at any given moment in time.

pack lightly. this is a road trip after all. you don't need your prom dress, that extra purse, those jimmy choos, i promise. leave it at home. bring the essentials and a just in case/emergency outfit.


ain't nobody got time for that. nobody. not this body at least.

i pack lightly because i go places that i can be in my swimsuit for most waking hours of the day. and when i'm not in those the other option is a dress or my running clothes. the end.

something i learned a long time ago from my mother is that inevitably where ever you are headed they will have some form of store for something you may have forgotten.

high FIVE

this one i cannot express enough. even more than snacks. and i don't kid around with snacks. have fun. no matter where the road trip is going to end, take a minute to appreciate what is (or isn't) around you. having fun makes any road trip bearable and go by faster.

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