Aug 25, 2013

advice from the best little lady ever.

i have this really amazing friend. absolutely amazing friend. she has been there for me through a lot of rough and happy times in my life.

she was there for me when i went to costa rica all by myself. this pretty little lady has been on countless trips of her own and is quite the world traveler.

after a rough morning of rescheduling flights and running through the airport, she sent me the confidence boost that i needed to make this trip the best i could ever have.

i highly recommend finding a friend that will go on adventures with you and at the very least will encourage you to take adventures.

there is nothing better that you can do for yourself than to completely put yourself out of your element and your comfort zone. it's terrifying, but you quickly learn to sink or swim. odds are good to excellent you will swim and have a better time than you could ever imagine.

that is certainly what happened for me. and knowing those words were sitting there for me to read at a moments notice made the trip all that more fun.