Nov 14, 2016

Time Hop

Time Hop can be a good and a bad thing in my life. Some memories I don't particularly want to relive, but sometimes like this week I get a reminder that 2 years ago I was in Guatemala at this time and that 3 years ago at this time I was in Nicaragua.

Those trips harbor very different emotions for me. 

Guatemala I was running away from life and trying to do something bigger than myself. I certainly accomplished both of those things. A lot of tears and self doubt occurred during that trip. But I made it though tougher and more self aware. I learned a lot during that trip. About people, situations, myself, and about a beautiful country.

Nicaragua I was surfing and making some of the best friends a girl could ask for. It was a strange trip in itself, but I also learned a lot during that trip. I learned that meeting someone for 5 days doesn't mean you can't become life long friends with them. I also learned some bigger things about my life.

Without both of those trips, I would not be where or who I am today. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to experience them both. 

Those two trips are part of the reason I am always looking for the next adventure. Searching for the next big thing. It's a slight personality flaw of mine. Always chasing some sort of Peter Pan dreamlike life, but it's who I am and I embrace it. 

It also leads to a hell of a story. And who doesn't enjoy a good story?