Jul 20, 2016

Race 13.1

Race 13.1 has a couple of races around the country. I ran the inaugural one in Atlanta and ran the inaugural one in Memphis a few weekends ago (alright you caught me. This has been sitting in my drafts for a little tiny hot minute.)

The one in Atlanta and the one in Memphis were vastly different.

Atlanta I had an IT band issue and cried on the curb at mile 7. Memphis I had a 5 minute PR. Total opposite ends of the spectrum.

These races tend to be smaller, but are well organized and pretty fun.

For the Memphis one it started in an area of town called Harbor Town and then wove through downtown before finishing back in Harbor Town.

Conveniently enough my brother and SIL live in Harbor Town. Nothing quite like 6:15 wake up call for a 7:00 race. I jogged to the start and only had to stand around for about 7 or 8 minutes before it was time to take off.

The weather was perfect. 40 degrees and sunny. I wore a tank top with arm warmers so that if I got too hot, I could roll them down and not worry about overheating. That was never a problem. Every time I got a little hot we would hit the shade and it was drastically cooler.

This race felt really good for me. Cruising along, chasing ponytails (and hats), high-fiving little kids, and powering up hills. I knew there were a few girls in front of me, but I couldn't discern their ages and just kept running my pace without too much concern about trying to catch them.

The last half mile was brutal. There were two women on my tail and they were just chatting away. I made it a point to stay in front of them. They were a great motivating push to finish strong.

Finish strong I did. 1:48 with 8:17 pace. And a 3rd place age group finish. That was an awesome surprise on top of my 5 minute PR.

I walked back to my brother's house and hung out with them until it was time to walk back up to the awards ceremony.

This was where it gets awkward. I had printed out my results after the race and it showed that I got 3rd in my age group. So we borrowed a golf cart and went back for the ceremony. The ceremony consisted of me standing around for about 15 minutes and then noticing a girl had walked up to the customer service booth and a guy handed her a medal.

You literally just walked up with your piece of paper and they hand you a medal. No announcement, no high five, no nothing. I am not saying I want some big brouhaha in regards to me placing, but all races I have been to (even small races) they announce the winners. AND FINE I wanted that recognition because I am a child. NOTICE ME. Not really. I get super uncomfortable in those situations.

My brother was super cute and super nice and paid the $10 for me to have my medal engraved. #prbitches

Not a huge deterrent. I mean, I still got a 5 minute PR. Not a whole lot can put a damper on that!

After the race it was time for a shower, small nap, and a crawfish festival.