Jan 4, 2016


I used to to write a running blog. But then I got bored with the whole talking about running and I didn't know how to incorporate anything else into said blog, so I decided to put in spurts of running on here.

With that long winded intro....

I ran a race on Saturday morning (afternoon? brunch hour?) at 11. Firstly, that is a weird time. Secondly, it was my first race post 1/2 marathon at the beginning of December. Thirdly, it was one of 3 runs since said race. Fourthly, it was the first run post injury where I felt mostly normal.

To reverse this train.

I was training for a marathon at the beginning of December and was lucky enough to make friends at work who were training for the same race but the half. Totally a-okay with me. I just logged extra miles before our long runs together. They are some awesome people and I am totally thankful that they allowed me to tag along and run with them and also allow me to force them to be my friends :)

hi friends!
Training was going really well, I had knocked out a 17 miler with negligible pain with a pretty stellar pace, and then I decided to add in some cross training. NOTE: Add cross training in gradually and at the beginning...probably not 3 weeks before the race like I did. Lesson learned. I was on injury reserve for 2.5 weeks and decided mid race to not complete the full and tuck my pride under my tail and run the half.

Preliminary race to see if the big race would happen. #turkeytrot
It was the smart move. I however hated every moment of the decision.

so proud of these three!
Back to Saturday.

The original three met up and drove out to Shelby Forest for the annual Hill and Dale 8 Miler. Not a bad way to start out a new year.

I was tentative going into this race. Jess said she would race with me and Kirk I knew would be out ahead of us.

We started off strong with just under a 9 minute mile for mile 1. The race lives up to its name. There was a monster hill we ran down (ahem shuffled down) and another short but steep one we ran up (ahem walked up). But then we hit the switchback and realized we had to do all of that in reverse.

The steep hill that was up wasn't so bad going down except that it had a hell of curve that was a little nerve wracking. By this time I was a little behind Jess. Apparently not really running for almost 6 weeks slows you down considerably.

Then came the monster hill. Ha. No. Walked up that bad boy. And then finished strong.

I was proud of my time: 1:12:57. A 9:07 minute mile pace. That's with walking up two monster hills. I'll take it.

I told myself two things going into this race.

1. Race smart
2. It's okay if to bow out

I didn't need to bow out and I raced smart. I didn't push too hard and I recognized the difference between racing strong and being hurt.

Now hopefully my training can get back on schedule and I can reach some of my goals I have set for this new year, race-wise.