Jun 10, 2015

Diamond Head

Because we were playing ultimate tourists we decided to go to Diamond Head and hike to see all of Honolulu.

I of course did this hike in flippyfloppys (#yolo). This one I wouldn't recommend in flip flops but a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.

We walked to Diamond Head from our hotel. Holy far batman. And then we hiked Diamond Head and made the executive decision to take uber back to the hotel. We were scheduled to get to yoga in the park so it made the most sense to take uber back (and maybe get some froyo....)

And fine you caught us we started the day with some lunch beers before we left for the hike.


This hike isn't terribly strenuous but it does just keep on going up. And up. And up. And then there are stairs, a tunnel, and some more up. But it is beautiful and you can see clear across Honolulu. Absolutely gorgoeus.

Take a look.

You can be jealous of my mom sweater tie around my waist. It's fine.

Those sweet stunner shades. Yea. $4 at Marshall's because my Ray-Bans decided to go missing during the trip. Luckily the awesome people at Living Ocean Scuba had them in lost and found and I was reunited with them the very next day. 

The hike costs $5 if you walk in and a little more if you park. It is a beautiful hike and definitely worth all the walking and flippyflopping involved.