May 20, 2015


One of my favorite things to do while out of town is try and blend in with the locals as much as possible.

Am I any good at it? Mostly no, but I've got enthusiasm and am not easily embarrassed so I never give up hoping that it'll work out one day.

MC and I found out about ARTafterDark by scouring the local to do list papers and because the allusive BIL told us he was going and it should be a good time.

We got dolled know as dolled up as you can get when you are living out of a backpack...and ubered ourselves on over to ARTafterDark.


AaD is held once a month on the last Friday of the month and we lucked out that we got to attend. The exhibit while we were there was Modern Love. It's only $10 to get in (or you can buy a membership and get in for free) and you can wander around and see all the exhibits, drink a few cocktails, see a live band, dance in the back "room" (?), and get in some serious people watching.


Now if you are trying to meet up with someone who you've never met (and may be a few cocktails a head of you) you are in for some serious miscommunication. I am at the bar. Oh me too. I don't see you. I am at the bar on the left side. Left side like when you enter?...You get the picture.

The best part was when MC and I walked in it was like walking into the school cafeteria on your first day in a new school and everyone stops and turns to see who you are. Clearly we were outsiders. It's like we had stamped on our forehead that we don't live in Hawai'i nor were we born there. We clearly were from the mainland. IMPOSTORS.

a little bit like this

After some back and forth we meandered around and listened to a killer girl band with a 14 year old drummer and then meandered towards the back room. I call it a room, I don't know what it was. There was tree, a bar, and a crapton of people. We stood there a little doe-eyed because there was so much to take in. Almost too much to take in. We sat next to the tree and started talking about the people we had seen, what we wanted to do while in Hawai'i, if we would ever meet the famed BIL.


Then casually strolls over this guy with the worst pickup line ever. Well maybe not ever, maybe our answer was just bad. "Do you guys like cats?" Answered with a resounding "No." You would have thought that would have been the end of the conversation. Never fear it was not. Because he was in the military and if there is one thing I have learned about our servicemen and women is that they are resilient people. We kept chatting, he brought over his friends, and introduced us like we were fresh meat. Which to be fair we were. But mostly we weren't because we were on a mission. MC suddenly gets a phone call from her "sister" and vanishes. Uhm. K. The boys ask if it was really her sister and I said of course it was, she has 3 of them after all it could have been? But no it was the allusive BIL!

We finally met him and he was super nice and friendly and then he Weekend at Bernie's us and did the drunk walk to find his friends. Did you know that when you are sober it is surprisingly hard to keep up with a drunk person. The military tagged along with us and then all of a sudden it was just MC and the military and I. MC and I piled into an uber to party with the military. Let's just say the military won and we lost and scampered off with our tails between our legs to go to bed.

But the next day promised more tom foolery, but this time in the form of the west side of the island and sailboat. Count us in.