Dec 8, 2014


If you have ever reached that stage in your life where you have hit your max saturation point and you feel like you are living a bit of stagnant life, let me offer you a piece of advice.


It is so simple that it is almost too easy. But I promise you that I was there. I experienced the lack of drive, the lackluster life, the feeling of boredom and restlessness, and the fear that I was missing out.

I started small. I found a local organization that did small projects around Atlanta. And then that wasn't enough. I wanted to be emerged in something and feel like I was actually doing something bigger than me.

Don't get me wrong, all volunteer work is great for the soul and mind, but I needed something more. It's a part of my personality. I don't just want to experience it, I want to live it, become completely emerged and consumed by it.

Which is why I took to the internet to find a way, an organization, anything really to get myself out of the hole I had dug.

After a few days of researched I settled upon the organization GoEco. Now I just needed to figure out when and where.

I am much the fan of do now and ask later. Which is why when I weighed my options, I went for the dates that were the nearest.

GoEco offers programs all over the world with projects ranging from children to sea turtles. Now as much as I would have loved to gone and saved the baby sea turtles of the world, I knew that I needed to do something with people who were not and will not ever be afforded the opportunities I have had in my life.

The other thing I liked about GoEco is that all of their projects are minimum of a month. They send you to classes in the local language before they send you out into the field. A rather classy move if you ask me.

What did I pick? I picked Guatemala. I've been to Central/Latin America so I knew slightly what I was getting myself into, in terms of people and location. Next time, I'll definitely go further, but this was safe for me, but also way out of my comfort zone.

La Antigua, Guatemala. Working with kids. More specifically a small town called San Antonio about 30 minutes outside of Antigua.

It was literally the greatest thing I could have possibly done in my life. My life was a bit out of sorts, falling apart in places, and this was just what I needed to remember what my life is about and how to focus my life about that.

Stayed tuned for the travels of Guatemala.