Feb 5, 2014


it's no secret that i hate the cold weather. i have an extreme hatred for it. they may sound harsh, but it's a fact.

after doing tough mudder a few years ago, i have a new respect for people who have jobs that require them to be in the cold for long periods of time. i however am not one of those people. i personally like feeling my toes and for my fingers to not be purple.

with the amazing weather atlanta has been having (ahem...not) i find myself dreaming about the ocean, the sunshine, and warmth.

what does one do when looking at pictures of waves and surfing gets to be too much and stops satisfying my craving for sun, surf, salt, and sand?


hello mayan village resort. i cannot wait to partake in your eco friendly resort and amazing surf. your pictures look amazing and i am drooling over the idea of planning a trip to see you.

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. oh ps it's a secret. because i am so selfish, the trip is for two people and i am giving it as a gift. i'm so generous i know.

come on salt water!