Jan 28, 2014

snowy days call for salty waves

when it is 26 degrees outside with a chance of snow, i tend to get stuck in my head and my wanderlust dreams.

that leads to numerous planning of fake trips where there is surf, sand, salt, waves and most of all no snow.

then i go and look at pictures that make me think warm happy thoughts. like these.

all images are taken from my tumblr page. if these images are yours, please let me know and i will tag them accordingly.

Jan 4, 2014

pura vida

almost 8 months ago (i think, i hate math) i went on my first surf trip.

not only was it my first surf trip, it was my first solo trip, my first solo out of the country trip, my first out of my comfort zone trip, and my first time being truly happy.

for background purposes, i'd surfed precisely once. 3 years prior. on the piddly waves of Emerald Isle, NC. i broke my toe. i loved every minute of it. all three rides i got, on the less than stellar wave conditions, were truly spectacular. walking on water was fascinating.

must keep surfing.

after a little bit of internet research i stumbled upon Costa Rica. the waves were said to be amazing for beginners, intermediates, and advanced. a veritable cornucopia of waves.

what else was a girl to do but find a place that wasn't eye gouging expensive, book it and get her butt on a plane? nothing, so that's what this girl did.

Witch's Rock Surf Camp boasted some amazing reviews, stellar waves, and nachos as big as your ass. what could go wrong? i mean worst case scenario you eat fish tacos and drink cervesas until your ass is as big as those nachos.

but nothing went wrong, because it was truly one of the most life changing trips i have ever been on. the people were friendly, the instructors were helpful and encouraging, and the friends i made i will never forget.

being pushed out of your comfort zone is terrifying, but knowing that everyone around you is just as scared as you are (perhaps even more) makes it that much easier to loosen up and have fun.

surfing boasts a lot of great qualities and one of the top for me is that it is fun. i'm not the best surfer and i watch a lot of waves roll through, but i like being out there bobbing along being one with the ocean. it's calming. and for someone who is never calm, well that's saying a ton right there.

WRSC offers a lot of activities if you get bored with surfing (weirdo). there is always someone to talk to, new friends to make and beers to be had - especially the ones from their brewery.

i personally took the park my bikini butt in a barstool and talk to the nearest person that would listen to me route. and for someone who doesn't drink caffeine, i can talk.

it offered the perfect relaxation at your own pace. WRSC wrote on a board each afternoon what time your lesson was. that gave you the option to eat breakfast (served 'til 11 - clutch) and drink the coffee - which i will say is amazing even though i've been banned from coffee drinking, or bomb around the town and see what tchotchkes you could find, or swim in the ocean, or surf on your own, or go for a walk on the beach and collect shells. really the options were endless.

they also offer seminars in the afternoons including safety and video critiques or you can meet the legendary robert august while watching him shape a surfboard.

what i really like the most about the experience were the people of costa rica. everyone was inviting, friendly, and hospitable. they truly have life figured out. oh and the sunsets…yea the sunsets.

Joe and Holly Walsh have founded a place that really is one of a kind. a place that people would and do call home for weeks on end.

i loved it so much, i went back this past december. this time i wasn't solo, but i was really amped to show someone i care about a place that means a great deal to me. and you know what? it didn't disappoint the second time around.

i can't wait to go back and meet new friends, surf and eat some more of those fish tacos. watch out for Joe though, he may wrangle you into being on the Pirate Radio Show they host of Friday nights. i speak from experience.